Miracle’s Mission are a non-profit charity dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating sick, injured and disabled animals form around the world. Working predominantly in the UK, Borneo & Egypt; Miracle’s Mission is ever expanding to help animals in need wherever they can.

Because ALL animals deserve a second chance, EVEN disabled ones.

Miracle’s Mission offer a full rehabilitation programme right through from assessment to surgery to rehabilitation, recovery and re-homing. This is again why education is so important, so that people become open to adopting disabled dogs.

Miracle’s Mission was founded by Victoria Bryceson in 2015, after a trip to Borneo made her aware of the severity of the street dog population. Working with animal shelters over there, it became apparent that whilst these shelters were caring for the animals, the root cause was yet to be addressed. Allowing un-neutered cats and dogs to roam the streets meant that puppies and kittens were being born onto the streets at an alarming rate, with a grim life ahead of them. Therefore, Miracle’s Mission came into existence with the main aim to neuter stray animals on the streets of Borneo and decrease the population of dogs and cats suffering.

Miracle’s Mission have carried out several TNRM – Trap, Neuter, Release & Manage Projects in Borneo

Feral and hard-to-catch strays are caught in a custom made trap. Using a dog trap is one of the safest and humane way to catch dogs. We will ask their feeder to lay out a trail of food leading to the trap and at the end, the dog will step on the trigger and it will shut close.

However, we cannot keep on rescuing and putting all the strays into ONE overcrowded shelter. Some dogs are meant to be free and wild. As long as we can stop their breeding/mating, we can control the stray dog population.

Since launching the scheme, Miracle’s Mission has helped more than 6,000 animals.

Miracle’s Story

Miracle is the namesake of the charity, and her story is similar to many others around the world. However, not all of these animals end up being as lucky as she was and finding a loving home where she is spoilt rotten!

Miracle was rescued from the streets of Borneo at 1 week old before her tiny eyes were even open. She was found with her siblings in a very remote area, where they were likely abandoned and were very unwell. The puppies were full of maggots, with ringworm and blood parasites. Unfortunately, Miracle’s siblings did not make it.

Miracle was cared for by Victoria and she had a very long road of recovery ahead of her. She had several injuries and was very weak, but she made a miraculous recovery and is now strong, happy and healthy living with her adopted sisters Star and Tess, who were also rescued from Borneo. Her aim is to aid in saving many more animals in need around the world.

Crediting Ella with all she now knows Victoria said: “It took about three months to get Ella back from Egypt and it was the hardest three months of my life.

“I spent the time converting my garage and garden to make them safe for her. As soon as she arrived, and I got her into some wheels she was a different dog. She inspired me to do more. Every vet said with her injuries she should be put to sleep but once they met her, they changed their minds.”

“When she first got into her wheels she just took off, she ran and ran with no hesitation it was like she got her life back.”

Hoping to encourage people to adopt pets with special needs the charity boss said: “People think it would be too difficult to look after a dog with wheels, but they adapt really well. If you have a house with stairs, they live downstairs or you can take them upstairs and put a baby gate at the top. It really is not difficult. They tend to connect with you more.”

Miracle’s Mission were proud to be recently named 2021 Rescue of the Year by Walkin’ Pets who said “the rescue focuses on the hardest to adopt pets, believing that “adopting a special needs pet will change your life, your world, your outlook, your priorities and all for the better.”

The charity is currently fundraising to expand the size of rescue centre which would allow them to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome many more animals in need. They have found this land and buildings that would be suitable for the new Centre For Disabled Animals and is up for auction soon.

If you would like to help ENABLE disabled animals the fundraiser is at https://www.avivacommunityfund.co.uk/help-miracles-mission-enable-disabled-animals-1

Some Of The Miracle’s Mission Family

Author: Protect All Wildlife Blog

"The Greatness Of A Nation And Its Moral Progress Can Be Judged By The Way Its Animals Are Treated" - Mahatma Gandhi I am a wildlife advocate and I am 100% dedicated to raising awareness about wildlife crime and its effect on the environment. Whether it be doing everything to stop poaching, calling for animal free circuses or ending the cruel treatment and exploitation of animals I will do everything I can to highlight it. I am the proud Patron of Miracle's Mission, a non-profit charity dedicated the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of sick, injured and disabled animals.

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