Incredible Moment Mother Bear Fights 500lb Male Before Fatal Plunge Down Mountain As She Defends Her Cub


The bear, who was seriously injured in north-west Spain while protecting her cub from a male attack, was found alive in a burrow near her cub.

The nail-biting footage shows the two bears fighting on the edge of a mountain cliff before plunging onto the rocks below them.

The bear who fought to protect her cub from an attack by a male in north-west Spain and was seriously injured was found alive in a cave near her cub

After a fierce fight, the two bears had fallen about a hundred feet, and the attacking male had not survived. In the Castile region of Spain, two hikers filmed a fight between a male bear and a female who was with her cub. These are rare images that two amateur videographers were able to capture on the foothills of the Palentina Mountain, located in the north of the province of Palencia in Spain.

The female, “located several weeks ago with two cubs, had recently lost one, probably due to an attack by this male or another,” said Nature Castile and León. According to a statement from the regional government, “technical staff, veterinarians, environmental officers, environmental protectors and Bear Patrols of the Natural Heritage Foundation” of the region, assisted by the Civil Guard, managed to trace the bear and its cub. She had escaped alive into a cave and was suckling her young. Using specialist camera probes and telescopic hooks, they then left fruit and water for them in the burrow.

Authorities also confirmed that the second cub in the litter had been killed by the same male three days earlier. Keep in mind that it is not uncommon for male bears to attack cubs that are not their own during the rut in order to mate with their mother to secure their own offspring.

With the collaboration of the Gardia Civile and the field staff of the Fundación Oso Pardo, the agents found his 217 kg remains in the field and brought him to a specialized centre to carry out an autopsy.


This kind of attack by a male bear on a female is not uncommon. In these cases, the bear seeks to kill the cubs.

“It is common for mothers to defend their young against attacks by males who seek to bring them back into heat”, explains the authorities on the social network Twitter.

Two to three days later, the female is in heat again and breeding can take place again.

In this corner of Spain, on the Cantabrian mountain range, nearly 330 brown bears are present, compared to 70 on the Pyrenees massif, on either side of the Franco-Spanish border.


The best places to see bears are in Somiedo National Park and the mountain slopes of Cangas de Navacea. April and May are the best times to see bears, including cubs, which have woken from hibernation


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