Russian Soldiers Booby-Trap Beaten Dog With Bomb To Kill Anyone Who Went To Its Aid


They hoped to kill civilians who came to help the animal

Members of the Spetsnaz GRU unit are alleged to have attacked a dog in Makariv, northwest of Kyiv, until it could barely move. They are then said to have wired it to a bomb, laying the groundwork for a potential attack on civilians.

They first severely beat up the dog until it could barely move, before strapping a bomb to it which they would detonate when civilians came over to help the dog.

But residents of the Ukrainian town realised something wasn’t right, calling bomb disposal experts instead of approaching.

The Ukrainians were able to defuse the bomb and rescue the dog. Locals have named him Fox and he is recovering from the ordeal.


In June, at least 40 Russian soldiers were wounded as a goat set off a booby trap they had placed around a hospital in Zaporizhzhia.

“As a result of the goat’s ‘chaotic’ movements, the animal ‘disposed of’ several grenades. Russians sustained injuries of varying degrees of severity.”

The goat was given the name of ‘The Goat of Kiev’ by locals.

As many as forty Russian soldiers were injured when a goat triggered tripwires rigged to grenades. The soviet soldiers were setting the trap near a hospital in the village of Kinski Rozdory in Zaporizhzhia Oblast when the goat triggered it leaving many from the Moscow troop injured.

The soldiers had planned an ambush where they connected the tripwire to multiple grenades and set them in a circular arrangement. As they waited in defence, an escaped goat came zooming in in the direction of the hospital. The “chaotic movement” resulted in a chain reaction of explosions. The details of the incident were reported by the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

The goat, whose fate is yet unknown, went on to be known as “Goat of Kyiv” on social media. Goat of Kyiv is a moniker that is inspired by an urban legend, a pilot known as Ghost of Kyiv. The pilot, who is considered a myth by many, is claimed to have shot down numerous Kremlin crafts when Ukraine was being invaded by Russia.

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