Nearly A Hundred Starving And Abused Dogs Were Rescued From A Single House

Animal inspectors were heartbroken to find nearly a hundred suffering dogs in a single house. The RSPCA has now launched one of the biggest rehoming campaigns ever in a bid to find these puppies loving homes.

More than 90 malnourished Shih-Tzu dogs were rescued from a filthy breeding house.

The dogs were living in horrendous conditions and needed urgent vet care.

They were split and distributed to the RSPCA centres in southern England and are now in need of loving homes.

Neglected and abused

The RSPCA is looking to re-home a record number of Shih-Tzus dogs and their puppies after they were found neglected in a breeding house in Torquay, Devon, England last year.

Upon discovery, the animals were malnourished and infested with fleas and worms. They were living in filthy conditions and covered in faeces.

This is Chips. He’s one of 96 Shih-Tzus that were removed from a home in Torquay which was breeding dogs in poor conditions. Image Credit: BBC.

The charity has launched an appeal to find loving owners for the original 96 of the breed, along with around 50 puppies that have been born since.

According to its spokesperson Sammy Howard, the RSPCA discovered the dogs as a result of a noise complaint by a resident nearby.

Nearly 150 dogs need caring owners

Although 96 pups were rescued and taken to different RSPCA branches for rehabilitation, there are now around 150 of them as many were pregnant at that time.

The Cornwall branch alone is now looking to re-home 13 of them. According to the staff, many pets came to the shelter fearful as a result of their difficult start to life, so new owners must be patient and support the dogs as they go through training and socialisation.

Matted with faeces, flea-infested, urine stained and terrified, this is the result of over-breeding. Image Credit: RSPCA Cornwall Branch.

Sammy added:

They have had a difficult start to life and will not just slot into a home, and be grateful that someone took them on.

According to her, the dogs will be terrified and may take months before they start trusting people’, which is a ‘hard sell’ when asking for someone to welcome a dog into their home.

But the charity assures they ‘won’t give up hope that there are people out there for these dogs.’

Potential adopters can apply here.

Author: Protect All Wildlife Blog

"The Greatness Of A Nation And Its Moral Progress Can Be Judged By The Way Its Animals Are Treated" - Mahatma Gandhi I am a wildlife advocate and I am 100% dedicated to raising awareness about wildlife crime and its effect on the environment. Whether it be doing everything to stop poaching, calling for animal free circuses or ending the cruel treatment and exploitation of animals I will do everything I can to highlight it. I am the proud Patron of Miracle's Mission, a non-profit charity dedicated the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of sick, injured and disabled animals.

2 thoughts on “Nearly A Hundred Starving And Abused Dogs Were Rescued From A Single House”

  1. This is awful.  I have a rescue Shitzsu dog who was given up after the woman started a family and could not cope with him as well!  He had had two homes before I begged the rescue centre to let me try as they had decided to keep him there as he was so disturbed.  However, after visiting him many times to get to know him a bit they allowed me to foster him and then, of course, he was mine and I adopted him a month later.  It has taken 4 years to bring him round to trust us and love us and he is now the most adorable little thing but still can react if something takes him by surprise so it takes people who are willing to take time to deal with their problems and not frighten them into their previous unwanted state.  What did upset me was that he did not like toys only a dirty toy he had had at the centre and still has.  If they bring anything with them, keep it always in case it gives them comfort.  Wish I could take one or two but it could upset my little one so I hope homes are found for them all as they are lovely dogs who need a lot of attention and care.  I have to wash my dog’s eyes every day and have him groomed every 5/6 weeks as he is a very clean dog so there is a lot of expense to contend with if they come with problems that need attention.  Best of luck to those people who take them on. Linda Brown


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