Firefighters In Verona Rescue A Wolf That Fell Into A Stream

Firefighters from Verona (Italy) rescued a Wolf that ended up in a stream, in the city centre. Initially mistaken for a Dog, the Wolf, exhausted, had stopped on the branches of a fig tree and then ended up in the ditch.

he firefighters, who intervened to save the animal that could no longer free itself and get back on the street, took it and put it, in total safety, inside a cage.

The Wolf rescued by firefighters will now be released on the mountains of Lessina, from where it is thought to have reached the centre of Verona.

The fire brigade of the city of Verona often intervene to rescue animals. During 2022, a total of 242 rescues were carried out, about 4% of the rescue operations performed.

It is no longer so anomalous to see wolves trespassing in some Italian cities, as well as other types of animals (in Rome it is now usual to see wild boars). A problem that should certainly be tackled intelligently, to protect citizens and animals.

Author: Protect All Wildlife Blog

"The Greatness Of A Nation And Its Moral Progress Can Be Judged By The Way Its Animals Are Treated" - Mahatma Gandhi I am a wildlife advocate and I am 100% dedicated to raising awareness about wildlife crime and its effect on the environment. Whether it be doing everything to stop poaching, calling for animal free circuses or ending the cruel treatment and exploitation of animals I will do everything I can to highlight it. I am the proud Patron of Miracle's Mission, a non-profit charity dedicated the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of sick, injured and disabled animals.

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