Dog Shock Collars Are Set To Be Banned In England



Pet shock collars could be banned in England under proposals to be brought forward by the Government.

Ministers are set to bow to pressure to outlaw the “cruel” training devices, ITV News understands.

The electrified collars can be put on cats or dogs and are intended to help train pets by giving them a painful shock when they misbehave.

Most are triggered with a remote control held by the owner, though others can be linked to fences to stop pets straying.

They are already illegal in Wales, and Scotland also announced in January that they would ban them.

Pet owners at the Crufts dog show welcomed the move, saying it was overdue and a step forward for animal welfare.

“It’s not a nice thing to be putting on your dog,” said one attendee.

“You wouldn’t like it if I came up to you and gave you a bit of a pinch, would you?”

Another added: “I think it’s an outdated idea and it’s cruel for the dogs – you shouldn’t have to shock them to get them to do what you want.”

Some have argued that a ban is misconceived.

Ward Chapman, who manages a firm installing of fences compatible with shock collars, said they could give pets more freedom to roam.

He said: “Quite often when we turn up to install a fence a dog is chained up or a cat confined in a cage.

“We give that animal freedom.”

But the Kennel Club says the collars are cruel and ineffective.

“It can cause dogs to be much more cowed and to be frightened” said Caroline Kisko, the club’s secretary.

“What we want is happy dogs that actually want to go and learn to train.”

The RSPCA is also in favour of a ban, saying the collars can make dogs more aggressive.

It says that the majority of pet owners favour the collars being made illegal.

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