Black Jaguar White Tiger Founder Eduardo Serio Became Very Famous And Rich Through Lies And Deceit. He Is NOT A Wildlife Specialist.


Mexican authorities have shut down the wild animal sanctuary Black Jaguar White Tiger in Mexico City on after accusations by former employees and activists of animal cruelty.


On July 3, a video was published on the social networks of Mexican activist Arturo Islas Allende, which shows the poor condition of more than 190 animals of the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation, in addition to the testimony of Yael Ruiz, former employee of that foundation.

In this video, we can see the lack of attention and care to these felines. From malnutrition, scabies and many tailless felines, showing the terrible conditions of Black Jaguar White Tiger, which have affected the health of all these animals.

After this courageous denunciation, on July 5 the place was secured by PROFEPA, so that specialists and veterinarians of the AZCARM (Association of Zoos and Aquariums of Mexico A.C) can recover these animals, rehabilitate them and relocate them in several zoos in Mexico, where they will have the recovery and life they deserve.

In Fundación Comunal A.C. we join the efforts to help us all be part of this and be able to gather enough resources to give these animals a better life. A lot of support is needed to cover the expenses that this entails:

  • Food
  • Transport and logistics
  • Support for veterinarians
  • Healing Team

The resources obtained from this case will be delivered directly to the AZCARM and full transparency will be given to the handling of the same.

Black Jaguar-White Tiger is a well-known nonprofit that has provided a home to animals that are born or sold in Mexico, including animals from  zoos or circuses and those that have been seized from breeders or collectors. In the past, it has received financial support from celebrities such as British race car driver Lewis Hamilton, Colombian singer Maluma and American actress Kristen Stewart, according to the newspaper El Universal.


Eduardo Serio, the founder of Black Jaguar-White Tiger, denied that his animals were suffering mistreatment, and he contended that the photos and videos on social networks — which show animals that have infections and are exhausted, in addition to being malnourished — have been taken out of context.


Ernesto Zazueta, president of Azcarm, called for a harsh punishment for Serio, whom he categorized as one of the “pseudo-animalists and pseudo-activists” who is doing “so much damage to the wildlife” in Mexico. “This man, as well as the owners of other animal rights foundations, become very famous and rich through lies and deceit. They are not wildlife specialists. They are only very good at profiting from animals, and when they achieve their economic goals and feed their enormous ego, they simply forget about them and let them die.”

What you can do

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Animal Rescue Centres Are Having To Turn Animals Away As The Cost Of Living Crisis Forces People To Give Up Pets

Britain’s rescue centres are on the brink of an animal welfare crisis with many of its centres ‘full or close to capacity’

Overstretched rescue centres are having to turn dogs and cats away and put them on waiting lists, as the cost of living crisis forces growing numbers of households to give up their pets.

While inflation has soared to a 40-year high of 9.1 per cent, the cost of some animal essentials has climbed at an even steeper rate, notably dog food, which has risen in price by more than 16.75 per cent over a year.

Andrew Gillon, director of operations at the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT), which operates five rehoming centres in the south of England, said “For the first time, almost all of our centres actually have waiting lists for animals coming into us.

“Financial reasons are always central to why people have to relinquish their pets, so with the added pressures of the cost of living crisis we are seeing, and will continue to see, people unable to look after their animals.

“Most people are absolutely heartbroken when they have to give up their pet. We will never judge, and always support people who try to do the best for the animal. It’s a horrible situation.”

“We’re starting to see the knock-on effects of this as we, and other charities, predicted. Tragically we’re starting to see an increase in the abandonment of pets and growing numbers of cats and dogs being rescued and coming into our care.”

Miracle’s Mission, a charity that rescues and rehomes sick, injured and disabled animals have a lengthy waiting list due to fewer people adopting.

Paul Christian, Patron of the charity, says there the number of referrals are rising but due to fewer people willing to foster or adopt they cannot take any more.

We have a long waiting list of dogs and cats looking for foster homes. We are looking for foster carers to take care of dogs and cats until we can find them their forever homes.

“We’re rehoming and fostering dogs as quickly as we can – but as soon as we free up a kennel space, there’s a dog to fill it again,” he added.

While national organisations are able to make use of vacancies across their network, smaller charities like Miracle’s Mission have no choice but to add pets to a lengthy queue.

Families across Britain are grappling with high fuel bills, record petrol prices and rocketing food costs, as inflation hit a level last seen in 1982.

According to animal charities, it costs £50 to £70 a month to own a dog, while cats cost an average of £80 per month

Despite the costs, more Britons than ever are pet owners. March data from the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) suggests that more than 3.2 million people in the UK had acquired an animal since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, and 17 million UK households were responsible for a total of 34 million pets.

How You Can Help Miracle’s Mission

Check out our animals that need rehoming HERE

Sponsorship: £30 sponsors one of our animals for a month and helps with feeding, vet bills and physiothery sessions etc….

…….. but ANY amount helps.

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