David Cameron, Tell Your MPs To Stop Blocking The Bill To Ban Wild Animals In Circuses!


Dozens of Lions, Tigers, Zebras and Camels are still used in travelling circuses in the UK. A new law to ban this use of wild animals in circuses is being repeatedly blocked by three Conservative MPs, despite the personal support of David Cameron, the government, Labour and over 90% of the British public.

Ricky Gervais makes his feelings known


The British Veterinary Association backs the ban, stating: “The welfare needs of wild animals cannot be met within a travelling circus, in terms of housing or being able to express normal behaviour.” The RSPCA said: “Cramped and bare temporary housing, forced training and performance, loud noises and crowds of people are often unavoidable realities for the animals.”

In 2012 the government pledged to outlaw what Cameron called the “outdated practice”. But despite publishing the draft law in 2013, it has since failed to pass it.

Former environment minister Jim Fitzpatrick, a Labour MP, took the government’s own bill and presented it as a private members bill, with support from MPs from all main parties. But it has been repeatedly blocked by circus-supporter Andrew Rosindell, along with Christopher Chope and Philip Davies, all Conservative MPs.

Please sign the petition to show the three MPs who are blocking the bill, that the public will not stand for their views being ignored. MPs are supposed to represent their constituents – not support animal cruelty based on their own personal opinions.

“It is very much a matter of a tiny number of Tory backwoodsmen preventing this from happening,” he said. “It is frustrating, but we are keeping the issue alive – it won’t go away.”


Scotland is to become the first part of the UK to ban wild animals in travelling circuses after the SNP government revealed it intends to end the practice. The move has been welcomed by animal rights campaigners who are now urging David Cameron to stop “dithering” and impose a similar ban across the UK.

It comes after recent outcry when it emerged that circus big cats were being caged over the winter months in the north of Scotland. Full Story

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Please sign the petition asking David Cameron to ban wild animal circuses ONCE AND FOR ALL!!


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