Dogs Trust, Blue Cross, Battersea: Please Don’t Let Puppies Keep Being Sold By Pet Shops!





Having had dogs as part of my family for many years, a subject that is very close to my heart – and I know close to yours – is puppies being sold by pet shops and by other third party sellers e.g. garden centres, dealers, private dwellings posing as breeders, etc.

It’s not only obvious, but also scientifically proven, that puppies separated from their mothers, then sent across the country (or countries) to be sold remotely from their place of birth can only prove hugely detrimental on welfare grounds to both pup and mum, and to some extent the pup’s new owners too. We also know the biggest weapon in stopping puppy farming is to ensure prospective puppy owners can only buy direct from breeders or adopt from rescues.

For years the golden (and correct) advice has of course been to always see a puppy interacting with its mum in the place it was bred. But, worryingly, according to their recent comments quoted in Dog World newspaper (11/01/17), three of the UK’s largest animal welfare organisations Dogs Trust, Blue Cross, and Battersea Dogs & Cats Home actually do not support a ban on the sale of puppies in pet shops! This not only contradicts their own advice not to buy from a pet shop and to always see a puppy with the mother, but is in direct opposition to the RSPCA’s revised position and EFRA’s recommendation to Government in November 2016 that the selling of puppies by pet shops and other third parties should be banned once and for all.

As a dog lover I found reading that these three charities aren’t supportive of a ban that would mean dog owners had to source puppies directly from breeders, or alternatively adopt from these very rescue organisations, deeply concerning. Like most people I had assumed that EVERY charity would always prioritise welfare. Surely banning the chain from puppy farm to dealer to pet shop can only make the whole ‘industry’ more transparent, breeders 100% accountable, and most importantly as a direct result, stop the suffering of thousands of dogs and puppies? And if a charity has refused to support a ban on puppies sold by pet shops and other third party sellers, are their loyal supporters and donors aware of this shocking stance?

Having looked at various statements made by Dogs Trust, Blue Cross, and Battersea Dog & Cats Home it seems their excuses for not supporting a ban are spurious and can therefore be very easily countered. Here are just a three examples:

  • A ban would drive trade ‘underground’.  No! Buyers looking for family pets will never seek out an illegal black market pup as they can easily obtain a puppy through visible mainstream channels where large scale breeders and dealers have to advertise (unlike genuine ‘underground’ activities e.g. drugs and guns).
  • How would a ban be enforced? Strong evidence already demonstrates that illegal sellers are being identified through their adverts. Once third party selling is a prohibited activity, it can be enforced by the normal enforcement agencies such as police, HMRC, public complaints, etc.
  • A ban won’t solve all breeding problems/tackle puppy trade in its entirety. The third party puppy market currently enables and even encourages large volume production of puppies cheaply, taking no responsibility for their future. No strategies to improve dog breeding and selling can be successful unless this hugely damaging element is legislatively removed.

I believe that all animal welfare charities SHOULD be very supportive of legislation that can only help stop puppy farming because, after all, it will encourage buyers to source responsible breeders as well as seek to ADOPT animals from their local shelters – and isn’t that why they set up as charities in the first place??

Please SHARE this post and petition with others to raise awareness of the sordid ‘industry’ that is puppy farming. And help me spread the message that we do not want to continue seeing vulnerable puppies being sold away from mothers, who are being kept in awful conditions behind closed doors, by signing my petition here:

Sign Petition Here: Dogs Trust, Blue Cross, Battersea: Please Don’t Let Puppies Keep Being Sold By Pet Shops!

And don’t forget to include the hashtag #BanPetShopPups on all your tweets and posts. Thank you.

Kind regards, Paul.

6 thoughts on “Dogs Trust, Blue Cross, Battersea: Please Don’t Let Puppies Keep Being Sold By Pet Shops!”

  1. We should become a nation where spay/ neuter is the norm, not breeding dogs for a quick buck. No need for any shop to sell pups when shelters are overflowing with beautiful dogs that need a furever home


  2. Animals experience the same emotions humans do. This practice is immoral and unacceptable, if only humans had a little more empathy and shame, the world would be a better place for all its inhabitants. Please stop this.


  3. No words are adequate to describe the horror I feel about how we treat these beautiful creatures. No-one needs a designer dog, there are so many charities desperately trying t find homes and dogs that have to be put down, it is totally senseless


  4. I was a Vet Tech for 4 years and have seen dogs bought from pet shops. You need to keep in mind the health of the dogs as well. EVERY puppy that came into our clinic was sick and we even had several die because of disease. Don’t buy puppies from puppies mills!!!


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