In The Time It Takes To Drink Your Coffee Another Elephant Has Been Killed For Its Ivory!

Elephants have roamed the wilds of Africa for many generations.Now there is a real threat the new generations may not have the opportunity to see these magnificent animals.Many experts believe these iconic species could be extinct from the wild by 2025.In some countries of Africa, including Sierra Leone Senegal, elephants have already been driven to extinction.

That is precisely why progressive countries like Kenya in East Africa have taken drastic steps to fight poachers and put an end to ivory trade.

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta prepares to set fire to the biggest ever stockpile of ivory and Rhino horn

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta set fire to the world’s biggest ivory bonfire in April after demanding a total ban on the trade in tusks to end illegal ivory trade.

“The height of the pile of ivory before us marks the strength of our resolve,” Kenyatta declared before setting fire to the ivory. “No one, and I repeat no one, has any business in trading in ivory, for this trade means death of our elephants and death of our natural heritage.”

Conservationists are warning the world these majestic elephants cannot survive Asia’s high dollar demand for ivory tusks.

elephant-377829There has been a huge increase in poaching activities and it is often reported that some wildlife agents, customs officials and government leaders are being paid off by what is being viewed as a well organized crime group.

This group, it is claimed, is moving ivory from Africa to Asia in huge quantities.

The elephant population in Africa in the 1950s numbered five million.

By 1989, this number dropped to 450,000 in the continent.

The number has dwindled because of poaching.

Elephants in Africa are now being pushed to extinction.

Experts say if poaching continues, it will severely threaten tourism, the continent’s biggest foreign exchange earner.

Wildlife experts say the current elephant massacre is a stark reminder of 1970s when well armed poachers decimated elephant population, often with impunity.

10334239_601142423324806_7421570759757868104_nThe poaching is on the increase because of the demand for ivory in China.

The price of raw elephant tusks in China has more than tripled in the past year.

All drastic steps must be taken to stop the killing of elephants.

International organizations and world powers must get involved in ending this frenzy as ivory fuels wars and profits.

According to latest estimates, up to 36,000 elephants are slaughtered each year.

This means one elephant is killed every 15 minutes.


Conservation Groups & Charities:

The David Sheldrick WildLife Trust

96 Elephants

Wild At Heart Foundation

Save The Elephants


2 thoughts on “In The Time It Takes To Drink Your Coffee Another Elephant Has Been Killed For Its Ivory!”

  1. Please stop this barbaric act!!! If you e got the power to end it please have a heart and stop this!!!!


  2. We aren’t gonna stop this major massacre if we just read the information and don’t do nothing else. please follow -up with all the steps in order to continue providing any help for the voiceless. Thank you kindly


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