My work with LionAid:

I have been interested in wildlife all my life and started the popular Protect All Wildlife blog on Twitter and Facebook in 2012. It was through this that I realised the extent of poaching and other wildlife crime. I am a ‘foster parent’ to orphan Elephants Kavala and Lentili. It was when I came across LionAid that I found out about the Canned Hunting and Trophy Hunting ‘industry’ and the plight of the wild Lion in Africa, something which really shocked me. Through my blog I spreads news of this and other wildlife ‘crime’ to a large audience. It was with immense pride when I was asked by Chris McSween and Pieter Kat to become a trustee of LionAid in 2015. I firmly believe in the slogan ‘Hunting Is NOT Conservation!




LionAid Link

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