Nosey The Elephant’s Trailer Was NOT And Never Was Fit For Purpose!


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Nosey would travel mile after mile in this cramped space.


Nosey The Elephant’s transport trailer has been a nasty problem for a very long time, in fact from the day Hugo Liebel bought it . The Action Group Save Nosey Now were able to obtain the VIN number from this trailer. The attached report provides all the pertinent information about this vehicle to prove that it never should have been used to transport Nosey anywhere. The USDA and FWC are complicit in allowing this trailer to be deemed acceptable year after year, and they have been called out on that in complaints filed. This report was supplied to the District Attorney in Alabama, and we hope it will help make the difference for the Judge in deciding Nosey’s fate.


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Not fit for purpose


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The report  supplied to the Alabama District Attorney: Nosey’s Transport Vehicle Update

The court proceedings over the custody of Nosey the Elephant reached its eleventh hour before a Lawrence County judge said she will release an order on her future at a later date.

Nosey was taken from its owner in November after she was found in a trailer owned by circus owner Hugo Liebel on the side of a Lawrence County road. Liebel’s car broke down, and when authorities arrived, they were concerned about her condition.

Nosey was relocated to a Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary where she was evaluated, and on Friday, a Lawrence County District Court judge continues to hear arguments from both sides on whether or not the pachyderm can return to her owner.

Lawrence County called a veterinarian from the Elephant sanctuary who said Nosey had problems with her feet and skin which could cause life-threatening health effects. The defence countered with a University of Florida veterinarian who argued there were no problems with her feet, and her skin issues are not life-threatening.

Many people representing animal activist groups are present for the case, as the Elephant’s fate is capturing national attention. One activist says she has been monitoring Nosey for more than two decades.

In the meantime, The Lawrence County Sheriff’s office confirmed that Nosey’s owners were arrested on animal cruelty charges on Saturday. The sheriff’s office said the couple turned themselves in.

Officials said they were made aware of the warrants out for their arrest on Friday night after the hearing. Bond was set at 1000 dollars each. Both Hugo and his wife have bonded out.


Hugo and Franciszka Liebel at the Lawrence County Sheriff’s office



What a difference a different setting makes!

Nosey – Then and Now

At this time, the judge’s order on the future of Nosey has not been released yet.

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