Petition: Save our Wildlife -Hold KWS accountable for Mohawk’s Death- Save Nairobi National Park


Mohawk was the Lion King of the Nairobi National Park.  He was iconic with the park which is the only wildlife park within the confines of a capital city in the entire world. In Kenya our heritage is our wildlife- the protectors of our heritage i.e the Government and Kenya Wildlife Service today shot dead this lion in cold blood without any rhyme or reason except their total incompetence. The Park itself is under threat by government sanctioned development projects that are sure to ruin it. Corruption greed and selfishness are taking away nature! We must stop, this must not be another scandal swept under the piles of scandals the Kenyan Govt has stashed away under the carpet- we want things to change and we want Mohawk to be the symbol of that which must be protected!



Do not let Mohawk’s uncalled for death be in vain. Please sign the petition here:



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