Piers Morgan Slams Prince William Over Hunting Row As He Savages Trophy Hunter In Live Interview On Good Morning Britain

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Diggory Hadoke

The Good Morning Britain host left viewer under no illusion about how he feels about trophy hunting in the heated interview with hunter Diggory Hadoke.


Piers Morgan has savaged Prince William over his claims that hunting plays a part of conservation.

The television presenter hit out at the third in line to throne over his recent comments about hunting, and then went on to have a heated row with a hunter on this morning’s Good Morning Britain.

The Duke of Cambridge, who is currently on tour in India, said last month that there was a ‘place’ for commercial hunting, despite pushing efforts for conservation.

“There is a place for commercial hunting in Africa as there is around the world,” he told ITV news.

“It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but the arguments for regulated, properly controlled commercial hunting is that the money that goes from shooting a very old infirm animal goes back into the protection of the other species.”

The killer of Cecil The Lion Walter Palmer with another ‘trophy’

Referencing the death of Cecil the Lion by trophy hunter Walter in Zimbabwe, Piers fumed: “I don’t like our future king, who’s supposed to be aligned to conservation and helping to save animals, actually endorsing that kind of trophy hunting.”


Arguing with Diggory, he said: “You think William has a point that it plays an important part in conservation, I think it’s like a fox saying, ‘Let me look after the hens’. You can’t be both.

“I find it repulsive when I see these big corpulent American tycoons coming over blasting at rhinos and posing for their lovely pictures and stuffing their heads. I feel it’s repulsive.”

Diggory accused him of taking a “typical tabloid approach”.

He hit back at Piers, saying: “It’s an uninformed view that doesn’t take int account the key thing which is in areas that are managed for hunting, there are far more animals than there are in areas that are not managed for hunting. That is a verifiable fact.

Accused of being “emotional”, “sensationalist” and “stooping to tabloid language”, Piers replied: “No, hunting’s one thing, trophy hunting is a very different thing. That’s about people posing for these sickening pictures and putting pictures of the severed heads of their prey on to their walls.”

It was left to Susanna to cool tensions as Piers and Diggory bickered over one another, saying: “I have to stop you big beasts butting heads.”

Well done Piers, somebody willing to stand up and speak out about the ‘CON’ in conservation!!

The ‘CON’ Conservation: https://protectallwildlifeblog.wordpress.com/the-con-in-conservation/


4 thoughts on “Piers Morgan Slams Prince William Over Hunting Row As He Savages Trophy Hunter In Live Interview On Good Morning Britain”

  1. People like him make my blood boil. Stuff his head and stick it on the wall! That’ll wipe the smile off his face!


  2. Thank you Piers Morgan. This is so sickening to kill one of God’s creatures. They don’t stand a chance without our help.


  3. Yeyyy go Piers!! Digory is an absolute knob!! There is no place for any type of hunting in a civilised society!!


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