Ricky Gervais Rescues An Injured Squirrel And Finds A New Friend

Well known for fighting for animal rights, Ricky asked his millions of followers for advice when he posted the following on social media – “Saved an injured baby squirrel in the road by the graveyard,” he declared, proudly. “Am now sitting on a grave chewing up nuts for him. Any advice?”.

The post attracted 1000s of likes in just a few hours and generated some wise responses.

One follower posted: “Stay there. Ma will look for him. If not, he must be rehydrated b4 you feed him. Go here for all the info you need: http://www.thesquirrelboard.com”.

Another warned: “Don’t take it to a local authority. I once took one and they put it down – classed it as vermin.”

Ricky, who recently received the Lord Houghton Award for giving animals “a loud and powerful voice”, then shared an image of the animal eating a strawberry, captioning it: “So far we’ve brought him nuts, seeds, strawberries & pears. Does this count towards my 5 a day?”.

A third snapshot then followed, captioned: “He’s now made his nest in my hood and won’t come out. Cancel the tour.”

Ricky reassured his fans by later when he posted “He’s not injured & according to animal rescue worker is old enough to survive. Have left him my hoody and lots of food. Come on Cyril!”.ting 

Normally Ricky signs off at the end of the day with a picture of his beloved cat Ollie, aka @MyLeftFang, saying: “Have a peaceful night”

That night he signed off with a beautiful image of the squirrel munching on a strawberry!


Ricky can definitely call himself a big-hearted #Anipal.

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