Say NO To China Hosting The World Dog Show In 2019!

Please say NO to China holding the World Dog Show 2019!

As many of you might know China has won a bid with the FCI to hold the World Dog Show 2019. China’sCwOyrIkHpfMNyai-556x313-noPad cruel and inhumane practices towards dogs are unacceptable! Dogs are being tortured by being burned, thrown in vats of boiling water and skinned alive just to end up as a main course on a plate. Despite knowing this fact, the FCI has granted permission for this barbaric country to hold one of the biggest events in the dog owners world. We respectfully ask the FCI to revoke this decision and allow a more compassionate country to hold this event. China does not deserve this extraordinary revenue that will be brought to the country if the event goes ahead!

The FCI should not allow any country that does not respect animal cruelty laws to host such an event. We have the power to change history and protect more innocent creatures from getting hurt! Please help support us to revoke the FCI decision and make the world a better place for our canine friends by signing our petition. Thank You.

Animal Right & Welfare In China

Simon Cowell and Ricky Gervais lead the call to ban ‘disgraceful animal torture and cruelty’ at Chinese dog meat festival


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Please Sign: Say NO To China Hosting The World Dog Show In 2019!





12 thoughts on “Say NO To China Hosting The World Dog Show In 2019!”

  1. Stop now !!!!!!!!!
    Why do you all want to be so cruel to these defenceless poor poor animals it is pointless ther is something wrong with you all You don’t like pain you are afraid you may feel pain These dear animals will feel great pain and nothing but you can prevent them feeling pain THINK NOW That is if you able to !!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!??


  2. China has done nothing for dogs or cat but to tortutre, slaughter, and commit the most I humane acts towards these animals! No dog is safe in China!


  3. Please everyone sign so China can not host the World Dog Show!!! They are horrible to dogs! I have never in my life seen or heard of such horrific animal cruelty until I saw what China does to dogs! I cried so bad and I wanted to go save all those dogs! These people are evil! They should not host a dog show! We have to stop them!!!!!!!


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