Shi Bao, A Two-Legged Stray Dog Gives Birth To Four Puppies


A two-legged stray dog has given birth to a litter of puppies in China.

The stray, which was named Shi Bao by an owner who later abandoned her, gave birth to four healthy puppies near Kouguan railway station in Datong, Shanxi Province in the north of the country.


Shi Bao was made one of the city’s many strays after her owner moved out of the neighbourhood and decided not to take her with him, but became well known locally when she lost her two rear legs after being hit by a speeding train two years earlier.

Balancing on just her forelegs, Shi Bao nuzzles her puppies lovingly as she takes them for a walk in the area around the train station.


China has an estimated 130 million stray dogs – many them victims of a growing urbanisation that has seen millions of people move into high-rise buildings with little room for pets.


It’s a tough life on the street for many of the dogs. As well as state-sponsored extermination campaigns in many cities, there is also widespread abuse of strays by members of the public, and the risk of being captured for dog meat or succumbing to hunger and disease.


We hope this unique dog and her puppies find a loving and safe home.

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8 thoughts on “Shi Bao, A Two-Legged Stray Dog Gives Birth To Four Puppies”

  1. The Chinese are a disgrace, killing animals all over the world, over fishing. We can only hope mother nature exacts her revenge on these unscrupulously cruel, greedy people.


  2. Totally agree with the previous comment. Isn’t there any organization out there who could take this mom and her pups to a SAFE place.. They can’t be hard to find … PLEASE!!


  3. PLEASE help this dog – there are organizations in China that care about animals – this poor dog and her puppies desperately need to be rescued BEFORE those barbarians that round up animals for consumption – this is so heartbreaking – she is an innocent and deserves better.


    1. Poor creatures…there are a lot of cruel people where they live. The mother dog already suffered a lot and now she has’s extremelly danger for them to live in the street. I prayed for them that someone would take good care of them. May God blessing and protection be with these lovely creature..😇


  4. Mother Nature Will without doubt exact revenge on this tortuous over self indulgent nation. She has scant respect for those that choose to abuse her finely balanced eco system. Others have repeatedly pleaded with this Nation to stop its hideous behaviour but they refuse. So when they are pleading for help it should not come as a shock when many turn their backs. The time is coming A Jarrett


  5. Are this dog and her puppies still alive? It’s now Oct.. 2016)

    Can you give me the name of a reliable animal rescue
    operation (one that I could trust)
    where I could send money to help pay for their care?

    Is any U.S. organization willing to take them in?


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