Stop The Yulin Dog Slaughter ‘Festival’ FOREVER!


The fear in this dog’s eyes as it awaits it’s fate!

Every June, the southern Chinese city of Yulin “celebrates” the summer solstice with a dog-eating festival. Animal-rights activists estimate that around 10,000 dogs are killed every year for the festival, where they’re consumed along with lychees and grain alcohol. Some dogs are strays while others are stolen pets, and breeds range from Dalmatians to Labradors to Tibetan Mastiffs.

Last year, some festival-goers started early to avoid the protesters, who didn’t succeed in shutting down the 2014 festival but did drive up the price of meat.

Located in Yulin City, the “Big Market” is the largest trading centre for live dogs, some of which will end up on the dining table. The city government has not taken a stance on the dog-eating festival, instead simply stating that they have no connection to it.

A dog is burned alive because they believe it makes the meat taste better!!

As the festival approaches, dog-meat traders kill live dogs for customers in the slaughterhouse while others do so right on the street. The dog-eating is concentrated on this street in Yulin. From 6 p.m. until midnight, the streets are flooded with dog-meat eaters. Some traders offer one-stop service to customers, from slaughtering live dogs to processing the meat to selling it.

Activists attempt to stop dog traders from going to the market by negotiating with them. The activists purchase dogs to “save” them, but many traders use this as a business opportunity to sell dogs to them for above-market price.

Dogs are stolen, transported for large distances in crushed conditions, then tortured until they die.


Last year, thanks to overwhelming international pressure, Yulin authorities announced that they would not support the festival. The result was a subdued event and fewer dogs slaughtered than the previous two years. More recently, the authorities have claimed that the festival won’t happen this year, but the dog meat traders will continue to stage the event with or without official endorsement.

This slaughter ‘festival’ is barbaric and must end NOW!

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Please SIGN THE PETITION now to urge the Yulin authorities to intervene and end mass dog slaughter in the name of a festival!!

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143 thoughts on “Stop The Yulin Dog Slaughter ‘Festival’ FOREVER!”

    1. Please stop this horrible horrible thing. It’s 2016 and no animal should be made to suffer for the sake off humans, why can’t you see that what you are doing is wrong and so so cruel. Please I am begging you please stop!!!


    2. Please stop this horrible in human dog slaughter. What if this was done to someone you love. Think about it. To us they are family, they love and have feeling. What would Jesus do. STOP YULIN DOG SLAUGHTER NOW.


  1. personally anyone involved in the torture of any animals deserves to die!!! This dog festival is barbaric and the people of the country of China need to have the same treatment put on them The Sick Bastards


  2. Stop this horrible, evility once and for all. A big shame to a nation who allow such cruelty How in hell can this be legal 😂


  3. There should never be a time when this was acceptable but especially in today’s modern world there is no place for this barbarism and outright cruelty. It’s pure evil and should be banned immediately and anyone found doing this severely reprimanded.


  4. What these so called humans do to dogs and cats ,goes way beyond human comprehension. It’s cruelty and torture of the worst kind. STOP IT NOW.


  5. I think in 2016 we should all know that something this barbaric and disgusting should not be allowed to continue, these animals are not only killed but they are tortured and it needs to stop


  6. Absolutely the most barbaric thing that can be done to mans best friend. These people and I say that very loosely should be locked up for life. What has man become.


  7. I don’t know What to say. I just want to cry, the look of despair in both dogs eyes says it all. I don’t understand how anyone with an ounce of compassion/ empathy could even think of doing something so so cruel. I don’t know how many petitions I’ve signed, but still it goes on. IT HAS TO STOP. Write to your Chinese embassy, sign every petition, most of all stop buying Chinese products and tell them why. Hit them where it hurts, money, that’s all they care about. They destroy everything that should be protected and loved.


  8. I have total contempt for all yulin festival animal abusers and the Chinese a government .
    They need to act to bring this to a stop
    I boycott all Chinese a products


  9. The people who commit these atrocities should never be allowed to walk free on this earth & I can’t even begin to describe what I think of the sick , perverted people who go there, watch & enjoy this slaughter & torture of these helpless trusting innocents. They are soooo sick, they should be locked up forever w/ the things that do it


  10. I have no words. Only tears. 😢
    STOP THIS, you pathetic human garbage and disgusting country! 😠




  12. Any type of cruel against voiceless is unacceptable…this senseless festival is more than that …such heartless humans are culprit of killing humanity n the nation they belongs is make this world dangerous bleeding……please stop it its enough


  13. For the purpose of human pleasure no animal should suffer and there is no reason why the government of a country with such large amounts of money flowing through it has not nvested to make it illegal to hurt these innocent creatures and follow through with prosicutons.


  14. Please end this cruel horror!!! Are these humans?? Or just ignorant vermins??? It’s 2016!!!! Not 1016!!!!


  15. Dirty disgusting hateful evil nation . I pray for a earthquake to wipe out this heartless cruel souless country . Evil shameful bastards


  16. Humans are more savage than animals are we are going backwards not forwards with are ability to take what we want without any compassion for whom it hurts! Unnessary hunting and torture was something I thought we had moved on from with are ancestors. But needless to say there are still some sick twist humans that cant move forward from barbaric traditions( Brainwashed zombies) that are coldhearted, aggressive, and infectious !!!😠


  17. People will say “Well we kill cows, chickens, pigs etc for meat, what’s the difference?” Well the difference is that we don’t beat/torture them until they die. I f*ckin’ hate the human race, we are evil.


  18. I am sorry I can’t find appropriate words to express my total disgust at your whole culture it’s wrong please try to change. Have your festival just please don’t murder anymore Dogs


  19. Oh my God i put a curse on the whole of Yulin . This is hell on earth. Burn in hell you evil fuckers!


  20. Please stop being cruel, this is a barbarity that we have the responsibility to change. Dont celebrate over causing pain to animals, the way you treat them reflects the whole in your souls and that you need mental help.


  21. So disgusting. Those people torturing those dogs need a bullet in their heads. I wish I was there to do it.


  22. Let’s all stop begging these sick fukers to stop torturing the dogs and cats . They enjoy it that we are also being tortured mentally by their violence. It’s terrorism.

    Focus on karma.
    A big ass earthquake and buries them all alive . No food. No water. Suffering. Hot Sun.

    A gofundme would be great to send some people over there to save some puppies.

    I refuse to beg their government anymore . They don’t give a fuk about the rest of the world.

    We’re all being laughed at by them.

    Diseased minds to commit this kind of abuse against weak and terrified dogs and cats.

    They are cowards to prey on them and torture these poor babies to their death.


    You can’t reason with terrorists.

    We are their captive audience and they thrive from our despair.

    Look the other way and focus on a quake.

    Maybe just maybe that will stop this torturing once and for all.

    We are all creatures just some of us are more creature than others.
    All Species deserve respect. All forms of life desire for peace.

    And when they do not. .such as these vile executioners and the eaters..
    They are not welcome to be part of our human race by us who do not wish to accept their revolting

    Justice will happen when the planet swallowes them up.

    I hope the ones who do not participate in this perverted party are able to help and live in joy and happiness.

    I think I have to stop thinking about it now. Have to vomit.


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  24. Stop this cruel mass slaughter of innocents creatures. The world is watching and we will stop it. It is inhumane and one of the cruelest vilest things I have ever seen. Please stop this horrendous cruelty now.


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