Our wonderful supporters and friends have donated a number of amazing items featured below that you can bid for as part our ‘Charity Auction To Help Disabled Animals’.

This is a sealed bid auction, so all you need to do is decide which item you would like to bid for – noting the reserve price for each – and send us your offer with the bid number by email to by 21:00 on the 30th of November.  We’ll email you to let you know if your bid is the highest. Postage costs will be calculated when the auction ends. Good luck!

All funds support the Miracle’s Mission Centre for Disabled Animals and their work in the rescue, treatment and rehoming of sick, injured and disabled animals


Street artist Sonny Sundancer’s gigantic painting of an Amur Leopard overlooked the city of Vladivostok, Russia and is part of his worldwide ‘To The Bone’ project aimed at raising awareness about endangered species.

This STUNNING piece of his work is caught brilliantly in this VERY Limited Edition of only 45 prints and measures 500 x 355mm.

Reserve: £75 Current Bid:


This study of a Lion is titled ‘Endangered Nobility’ and is a stunning ORIGINAL pencil drawing by Kim Thompson. It measures 375 x 470mm.

Reserve: £250 Current Bid:


This is an ORIGINAL watercolour, pastel and pencil study of a Tiger by wildlife artist Milo. This STUNNING piece measures 410 x 540mm.

Reserve: £100 Current Bid: £350 Donna Earrey


Elephant Gin, Wildlife Warrior – Limited Art Edition Set. In collaboration with renowned wildlife artist Martin Aveling, we are supporting Big Life Foundation’s ‘Wildlife Warrior’ programme with a special limited edition of 5,000 bottles. The “Wildlife Warrior” Elephant London Dry Gin (45%) bottles are adorned with Aveling’s “Kichwa Tembo” artwork and packed in an elegant gift box, accompanied with an exclusive A5 art print.

Reserve: £40 Current Bid: £50 Laker Allison


Two Day tickets to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park where you can see, amongst others, the pride of rescued Romanian Lions.

Reserve: £50 Current Bid:


This ORIGINAL watercolour by Eddie Kagimu is titled ‘Elephants Out And About’ and depicts a group of young Elephants, the future of the herd.

This absolutely stunning piece measures 570 x 380mm.

Reserve: £250 Current Bid: £425 Dean Cheeseman


An original stunning watercolour by Diane Antone titled ‘The Badger’. It measures 210 x 297mm.

Reserve: £75 Current Bid


This is a stunning ORIGINAL watercolour study of a Lion by wildlife artist William Elliston.  This superb piece measures 420 x 300mm.

Reserve: £75 Current Bid:


This Pet Portrait Voucher has been very kindly donated by Pet Portrait and Wildlife Artist Sharon Spradbury. Sharon will draw a 1o” x 7″ head and shoulder portrait of the winner’s pet in pastels (P+P extra).

Reserve: £75 Current Bid:

LOT 10

This stunning study of an Orang Utan is by wildlife artist Jo Adams. This is a beautiful A4 Giclee Fine Art print and is No. 1 in a very Ltd Edition of only 100 prints.

Reserve: £30 Current Bid £55 Dean Cheeseman

LOT 11

‘An African Love Story’ is the life story of the late Dame Daphne Sheldrick DBE, who, with her late husband David, founded the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust which is dedicated to the rescue of orphaned Elephants. The book has been hand-signed by this magnificent lady.

Reserve: £50 Current Bid: £50 Claire Poil

LOT 12

This is an ORIGINAL watercolour, pastel and pencil study of an Amur Leopard by wildlife artist Milo. This STUNNING piece measures 410 x 530mm.

Reserve: £100 Current Bid:

LOT 13

This UNIQUE auction lot has been kindly donated by Nicky Campbell. Nicky will create a video montage put to music of the auction winner’s pet/pets.

Reserve: £50 Current Bid: £53 Rachel Upward

LOT 14

This is a signed plaque of Paralympic swimmer Stephanie Millward MBE who is one of the most experienced para-swimmers on the British team having won a total of ten medals, including two golds, across three games.

The plaque measures 300 x 210 x 5mm and would superb framed.

Reserve: £50 Current Bid:

LOT 15

This is an ORIGINAL watercolour, pastel and pencil study of an Red Fox by wildlife artist Milo. This STUNNING piece measures 410 x 530mm

Reserve: £100 Current Bid: £200 Jules_Orca

LOT 16

A football signed by the full squad and manager of West Bromwich Albion football club. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Reserve: £25 Current Bid: £45 Martin Bowen

LOT 17

This auction is for signed tops and photos very kindly donated by football and broadcasting legend Chris ‘Kammy’ Kamara.

Reserve: £35 Current Bid

LOT 18

This STUNNING Ltd Edition print is titled ‘Highland Monarch’ and is by Michael Demain.  It is measures 555 x 335mm

Reserve: £40 Current Bid: £85 ~ Jennifer Herd.

LOT 19

This ORIGINAL watercolour of a Stag by I Mills is stunning. It measures 280 x 380mm

Reserve: £50 Current Bid: £85 ~ Jennifer Herd.

LOT 20

‘Mischief Maker’ is a beautiful Ltd Edition study of a Lion cub by Julie Rhodes. It is mounted and measures 560 x 380mm.

Reserve £50 Current Bid



LOT 21

‘Lekupania with Giraffe’ by multi-award winning photojournalist and documentary filmmaker Ami Vitalle. This stunning image is of an orphaned baby reticulated giraffe embracing Sarara Camp wildlife keeper Lekupania. It measures 11 x 16 inches and normally sells for $550 on Ami’s website.

Reserve: £250 Current Bid:

LOT 22

‘Sleeping Fox’ by Jen Buckley Art. This is a Limited Edition print on 320gm acid free archival quality fine art  paper and measures 210 x 297 mm.

Resrve: £30 Current Bid: £60 Laker Allison 

LOT 23

‘Tails Erect’ by Wildlife Artist Carol Barrett. This ORIGINAL study of Warthogs is in watercolour and ink and is on Rhino Dung Paper! It is mounted and measures 400 x 300 mm.

Reserve: £200 Current Bid:

If you would like to make a donation to our fundraiser you can do so at Fundraiser To Help Disabled Animals


Some of the dogs that Victoria has saved (Picture: Victoria Bryceson)

When lockdown struck, Victoria Bryceson was in the process of pulling together funds to build an animal centre for disabled dogs and cats. The founder of the animal welfare charity, Miracle’s Mission, had planned a series of vegan festivals in the UK, with the aim to use the profits to launch her latest project. Unfortunately, as the pandemic has put a halt to all events, the charity is quickly running out of money – and all plans for the centre have been put on hold. This means that canines across the country are currently at risk of dying from disease, abandonment or due to vets being forced to put them down.

‘Ninety per cent of disabled dogs that are seen by vets are euthanised unnecessarily so there must be literally thousands of dogs killed like this in the UK,’ Victoria said. To save their lives, the charity founder is now turning to the public with a campaign to raise £20,000 – the equivalent of the centre’s property deposit.

Miracle’s Mission already has a waiting list of dogs in urgent need of help, such as those with missing limbs or who are paralysed. Once open, the centre will provide care for the vulnerable dogs and cats, offering veterinary assessments, MRIs, surgeries, the fitting of prosthetics and doggy wheels. Each pup will also be given a personalised rehabilitation plan with physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, as well as daily massages and TENS machine stimulation. Additionally, they will be able to play with each other in a sensory garden and given educational toys for mental and physical stimulation. Victoria said: ‘At the moment amputation of one leg is common practice with UK vets, as dogs can live very well and still be very active with three legs, especially if it is a back leg, as most of the weight is on the front legs. ‘However, when it comes to a double amputation, leaving the dog with two legs, the general vets that I have seen in the UK have said it’s definitely not possible to do this as the dogs won’t be left with a good quality of life.

‘The specialist hospitals seem more open to it as they have more experience in the area, but even they have problems where most of their dogs in these conditions are euthanised, not because they need to be but because in their words it is the owners of the dogs who can’t cope with the thought of a two legged-dog. ‘So there is a huge need for education in this area, amongst the public, dog owners and vets. ‘The animals coming into our care will initially all be stray dogs with nowhere else to go and no one else to help them. ‘They will either have been born with some sort of condition, such as a bent leg that they can’t walk on or they will have been in an accident – for example hit by a car or they will have been abused.’ Once the dogs (and cats) have recovered, Miracle’s Mission will then find them a forever home – but to be able to do this, people’s attitudes towards disabled animals need to change, explained Victoria.

She said: ‘We will offer a full rehabilitation programme right through from assessment to surgery to rehabilitation, recovery and re-homing. ‘This is again why education is so important, so that people become open to adopting disabled dogs. ‘If we don’t re-home the dogs, the centre will be full on day one and then we won’t be able to help any more, so it is really desperately needed that the dogs be re-homed.’ So far, the campaign has raised £5,355. Once she reaches her goal, Victoria can build the centre in Yorkshire, which she hopes to open in 2020.

Here is the amazing transformation of some of the dogs that Victoria has already saved.

Miracle, who inspired the charity’s name (Picture: Victoria Bryceson)
Look at Miracle now (Picture: Victoria Bryceson)

Many disabled dogs are euthanised but thankfully Nacho was saved (Picture: Victoria Bryceson)

Look at Nacho now – furry beauty (Picture: Victoria Bryceson)
Prince was badly malnourished when Victoria first met him (Picture: Victoria Bryceson)
Look at Prince’s happy face (Picture: Victoria Bryceson)

Willow had injured her legs (Picture: Victoria Bryceson)

Willow now has a wheelchair so she can be more independent on her walks (Picture: Victoria Bryceson)
Ella has lost one of her legs (Picture: Victoria Bryceson)
Ella in the hydrotherapy pool (Picture: Victoria Bryceson)
Ella proving that dogs can still live a full life on three legs (Picture: Victoria Bryceson)

If you would like to donate to this wonderful cause, you can do so on the Miracle’s Mission GoFundMe page.

Alternatively, if you want to host a fundraising event of your own, email Victoria for more information.

Daisy The Dog Was Saved From Euthanasia And Now She Happily Runs Around In A Wheelchair


Sheena was looking for a special needs dog to adopt and found Daisy in the summer of 2011. Daisy was born with a congenital deformity in her front legs and uses a wheelchair to assist her walk. After learning that disabled dogs have a difficult time finding a forever home and are usually the first ones to be listed to euthanize at the shelter, Sheena was heartbroken.


In Sheena’s eyes, Daisy is a strong girl and she doesn’t pity her disability and feel the same way about all disabled dogs. She decided to use social media platforms to share Daisy’s story and raise positive awareness for all disabled dogs.


With Daisy’s sweet nature, spunky attitude, and underbite smile, she has gained many fans from all around the world and I am beyond grateful. I hope that Daisy’s story and photos will continue to spread, and more people will open their hearts to dogs with special needs.

You can help dogs just like Daisy and other disabled animals by supporting Miracle’s Mission who are opening a UK centre to help rescue, care for, and rehabilitate sick, injured and disabled animals worldwide. For more details about the work of Miracle’s Mission and how to help them go to Help Build The Disabled Animal Centre.

“Animals using wheelchairs and prosthetics can live as good a life as fully able-bodied animals and that is what we want to show people” ~ Victoria Bryson, Miracle’s Mission founder.

Please SHARE so that others can enjoy this happy-ending story and perhaps encourage others to adopt disabled animals. Thank You.