This Is Why I Did The Enormous Elephant Run For The DSWT

“I took part in the Enormous Elephant Run to raise funds for The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to help in their work looking after the innocent orphans of poaching”




On the 9th of July I took part in The Enormous Elephant Run for The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.


Because I wanted to help raise much-needed funds to help them carry on with their MAGNIFICENT work.


One elephant is killed every 15 minutes across Africa to satisfy the demand for ivory products. That’s nearly 100 Elephants a day!!


I have fostered Lentili for several years. Here is Lentili’s story. On October 5th 2014,  Ol Lentille Rangers on routine patrol sighted an abandoned baby elephant calf, estimated to be 18 months old. There were no other elephants in the area, and the fate of her mother remained unclear. The Rangers were posted on 24 hour follow-and-observe duty.

Lentili when rescued

On October 6th a group of elephants approached the calf, and it was hoped that she would be reunited with her family but unfortunately the herd moved off seemingly disinterested in the lone baby.

On the 7th October The Conservancy informed the Kenya Wildlife Service about the orphan who contacted Angela Sheldrick. Ol Lentille Conservancy is on the edge of Laikipia in Northern Kenya, approximately a 1 hour 15 minute flight from Nairobi. We were informed by the Conservancy management that they would await our team and provide all the ground logistics in order to aid us in the capturing of the calf. On arrival at the Ol Lentille airstrip at 3.10 pm the team led by Peter Mbulu were immediately taken the where the elephant was, and having disembarked from the plane with a canvas stretcher, mattress, straps and ropes, and a few blankets the curious onlookers were incredulous as to how a rescue of a fairly large calf was going to be undertaken.

The young calf has been given the name Lentil and has obviously been without her family and mum for sometime. She was reluctant to take her milk, and after feeding on greens in the stockade collapsed 24 hours later. She required a drip in order to gather strength enough to get back to her feet and it was some time before she would feed adequately in order to fully regain her strength.

Lentili Now


PLEASE watch these short films to see why I’m raising funds for the DSWT:

Wild – The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: From the front lines, this film tells the ongoing story of the elephant poaching crisis in Kenya through the heroic work of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, based in Nairobi.

Africa’s Elephant Queen: In Africa, Dame Daphne Sheldrick is known by all and sundry as the elephant queen. For half a century this remarkable woman has been rescuing orphan elephants from poachers, raising them like babies into adulthood before the happiest ending of all … releasing them back into the wild.

For Lentili and all the other orphans, PLEASE, PLEASE help by sponsoring me for whatever amount you can afford. Any amount, LARGE or SMALL, will help the innocent orphans.

images  My Just Giving Page

Thank you, Paul.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The Orphan’s Project

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2 thoughts on “This Is Why I Did The Enormous Elephant Run For The DSWT”

  1. This is disgusting and must stop there are many other ways people can make money. Besides killing elephants for their tusks. Just like people who kill rhinos for their horns more should be done to stop this

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  2. People say “More should be done” but that’s all the do… If you feel this way GET INVOLVED! Figure out how to educate your local community, put on a drive, fundraiser or petition. Donate what you can spare, even $5 which is the average cost of your designer latte at a designer coffee shop! Every little bit helps. And while your at it, practice on being a conscious consumer! Do not buy products that promote cruelty to animals in any facet! From designer clothes and accessories, including fakes which are the BIGGEST culprits of animals abuse, to cosmetics and bath & beauty products, certain foods and how they are processed. If all this greed is based on consumerism, then it must begin again w/us consumers and making the better educated decisions. After all, your dollar no matter where you spend it is your vote; Supply & Demand… Be RESPONSIBLE!

    I personally donate what I can to many animal charities and I use my social media to educate and talk to many people out there including retailers about its importance. I sign at minimum 50-100 petitions a day online for animal welfare and enviornment. I would like to participate in this run. How can I do so and where is the run, and are many chapters hosting it across the USA? And if not, how can I help organize such a run in my community?!


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