Urgent Appeal After Devastating Fire At Gorlovka Dog Shelter!

10360416_897512003699133_4671264466955135669_nA  shelter that IFAW have been supporting in Gorlovka, Ukraine,  has suffered a devastating fire. The fire burnt out a house where the shelter workers and some dogs lived. One dog perished in fire. All supplies of medications, medical equipment and furniture were completely destroyed by the fire. The roof collapsed and windows burst. Only the brick walls remain.  And besides this the shelter’s generator was stolen during the fire. The shelter needs help to make new supplies of medications and to build new house for workers.

The dogs and staff are all now together in the part of the building that was saved from the fire. But they need to replace all the medicine and surgical tables. Your gift will be a lifeline to these dogs, and to the animals that rely on us for protection and care.

Gaba who survived.

The shelter also urgently needs to repair its fence. Because the shelter sits in between two armies – literally on the front lines of the Ukraine war – it’s surrounded by explosions and gunfire.

Now the survivors need food, medical supplies, and a repaired fence to protect them from bullets and bombs. This is a life-and-death crisis.

With your gift, you can help us feed and care for the dogs, repair the fence, and keep the shelter running. And your gift will help us rescue, care for, and protect other animals IFAW is helping around the world.


The dogs, and the incredibly brave shelter workers, deserve whatever care and protection we can afford.

If you like to help you can make a donation you can do so here: DONATION LINE 

PLEASE share this appeal to raise awareness to this very sad situation. If you would like to receive regular updates and news please leave your email details in the box in the right-hand column.

One thought on “Urgent Appeal After Devastating Fire At Gorlovka Dog Shelter!”

  1. The problem with donating to another country is knowing if it is accredited and being able to view annual reports. At least in the US we can look it up on line and review through a Charity Navigator & the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Is there any such way to review this shelter? And does the donation line take US dollars, or other currencies?


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