Eugene Bostic, Who Built A ‘Dog Train’ To Take All His Rescued Dogs On Little Adventures After He Retired From The Union Pacific

The Dog Train, which Eugene Bostick built himself, made the retired Union Pacific railroad employee and his pups viral superstars. After a video appeared on BuzzFeed, Bostick and his dog train attracted thousands of views and calls from all over the country.

Some might say that the late Eugene Bostick’s most memorable job began long after he retired. His golden years saw him take on quite a unique role—that of a train conductor for rescued stray dogs. However, the Fort Worth, Texas, native never expected his life to take such an unorthodox turn. It was the heartlessness of others that forced him to take on the duty of helping needy pets as he couldn’t bear to see abandoned dogs being left to starve on the streets.

“We live down on a dead-end street, where me and my brother have a horse barn. People sometimes come by and dump dogs out here, leaving them to starve,” Bostick told The Dodo . “So, we started feeding them, letting them in, taking them to the vet to get them spayed and neutered. We made a place for them to live.” He has taken in countless abandoned dogs over the years and even gone one step further in caring for them. Apart from feeding them and giving them a safe home, the retiree also thought it would nice to be able to take them on little trips with him and show them the sights.

And that’s how the idea for a dog-train was born. “One day I was out and I seen this guy with a tractor who attached these carts to pull rocks. I thought, ‘Dang, that would do for a dog train,'” he revealed. “I’m a pretty good welder, so I took these plastic barrels with holes cut in them, and put wheels under them and tied them together.” With his special doggy train ready to embark on little adventures, Bostick began taking the nine dogs in his care around town once or twice a week. 

Residents would often spot them go puttering down quiet streets or through the forest near their home or stopping by a local creek for some fresh air in the adorable train. And no one loves it more than Bostick’s doggy passengers. “Whenever they hear me hooking the tractor up to it, man, they get so excited,” he said. “They all come running and jump in on their own. They’re ready to go.”

The became became somewhat of a local attraction, stopping for photo requests from the locals became a part of their trip routine. For Eugene, however, nothing beats bringing a bit of joy to a handful of dogs who had been through so much. “I’m getting up in age. I’m 80 now, so I suppose it can’t last too much longer, but I’ll keep it going as long as I can,” he said. “The dogs have a great time. They just really enjoy it.”

Author: Protect All Wildlife Blog

"The Greatness Of A Nation And Its Moral Progress Can Be Judged By The Way Its Animals Are Treated" - Mahatma Gandhi I am a wildlife advocate and I am 100% dedicated to raising awareness about wildlife crime and its effect on the environment. Whether it be doing everything to stop poaching, calling for animal free circuses or ending the cruel treatment and exploitation of animals I will do everything I can to highlight it. I am the proud Patron of Miracle's Mission, a non-profit charity dedicated the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of sick, injured and disabled animals.

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    1. These photos were taken at Sycamore Creek Golf Course in 2015. I wonder if he is still doing this at 86 years old.


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