Stop The Yulin Dog Slaughter ‘Festival’ FOREVER!


The fear in this dog’s eyes as it awaits it’s fate!

Every June, the southern Chinese city of Yulin “celebrates” the summer solstice with a dog-eating festival. Animal-rights activists estimate that around 10,000 dogs are killed every year for the festival, where they’re consumed along with lychees and grain alcohol. Some dogs are strays while others are stolen pets, and breeds range from Dalmatians to Labradors to Tibetan Mastiffs.

Last year, some festival-goers started early to avoid the protesters, who didn’t succeed in shutting down the 2014 festival but did drive up the price of meat.

Located in Yulin City, the “Big Market” is the largest trading centre for live dogs, some of which will end up on the dining table. The city government has not taken a stance on the dog-eating festival, instead simply stating that they have no connection to it.

A dog is burned alive because they believe it makes the meat taste better!!

As the festival approaches, dog-meat traders kill live dogs for customers in the slaughterhouse while others do so right on the street. The dog-eating is concentrated on this street in Yulin. From 6 p.m. until midnight, the streets are flooded with dog-meat eaters. Some traders offer one-stop service to customers, from slaughtering live dogs to processing the meat to selling it.

Activists attempt to stop dog traders from going to the market by negotiating with them. The activists purchase dogs to “save” them, but many traders use this as a business opportunity to sell dogs to them for above-market price.

Dogs are stolen, transported for large distances in crushed conditions, then tortured until they die.


Last year, thanks to overwhelming international pressure, Yulin authorities announced that they would not support the festival. The result was a subdued event and fewer dogs slaughtered than the previous two years. More recently, the authorities have claimed that the festival won’t happen this year, but the dog meat traders will continue to stage the event with or without official endorsement.

This slaughter ‘festival’ is barbaric and must end NOW!

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Please SIGN THE PETITION now to urge the Yulin authorities to intervene and end mass dog slaughter in the name of a festival!!

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143 thoughts on “Stop The Yulin Dog Slaughter ‘Festival’ FOREVER!”

    1. Drop The Bomb ! First Save The Animals, Women & Children. Evil, Barbaric Place – Needs To Be Wiped Off The Face Off This Earth !


    2. What the hell type of treatment is this. These animal are living things that aren’t meant to be handled with such abuse.


  1. Please–I beg you from the bottom of my heart to stop slaughter dogs once and for all–the pain I feel within me seeing all those horrible pictures–knowing the suffering of all those poor dogs, must come to an end–otherwise, shame on you all that let this keep going on :@ The Great Spirit are watching you all!!!


  2. Dreadful horrendous The whole world stands against this and lots of people WILL BOYCOTT Chinese products !!!


  3. Shame on China for this unspeakably cruel and sadistic event. It does TARNISH the country and its inhabitants


  4. Monsters, horrifying, give them all the same traitements as those dogs, see if they agree after. To the one that cath them, burn them, killed them and the one that eats them.
    They are the man best friend….If it was not for dogs many of us wont be alive today for moral support his kindness is true friendship and so much more. Discusting….


  5. This is just too sickening and too old of a news to be talked about over and over again. It should have been stopped a long time ago, because too many dogs have already been slaughtered mercilessly and immorally by people who doesn’t have a conscience. Let’s all help together and share this petition or campaign to stop the Yulin dog slaughter festival forever!


  6. This is an awful and unnecessary tradition. It is curel torture especially for poor animals who can’t defend themselves. Anyone who takes part in this should be ashamed and punished by God as well as us


  7. The best course of action for everyone who feels outrage at this neanderthalistic, barbaric cruel abuse of animals is to hit these people where it’s REALLY going to hurt.
    Just imagine if this were a country hurting children……we wouldn’t be sitting just posting about it, there would be worldwide outrage! That same outrage should be felt about this alleged tradition which incidentally only started in 2010!!!!
    It’s time to act!




  9. You’re all sick losers to torture these defenseless dogs and cats. Lucifer is waiting for the whole bunch of you cowards at the gates of HELL.
    Enjoy your eternity in fire and anguish. Oni ! is coming for each and every one of ya scum of the earth.

    You’re all going to have bad luck . First one to kill a dog , your whole family will be cursed . Each one of you who hurts another dog or cat, you are cursed and your whole family will be hexed.

    Have fun cuz eventually you’re all gonna die.

    Each one of your children will come back as a dog or cat.


    Mrs. Yang is saving dogs. She has to travel far to buy them from the murdering son of btchs.

    She is what an angel on this godforsaken planet looks like.
    Donate to her cause.

    Let’s all be one and unit in this battle.

    The end.


  10. Please stop this is cruel it breaks my heart to know this is happening. The poor dogs what have to suffer for it just inhumane


  11. May God made every one of you bastards Chinese Korean Thai Vietnamese I hope each of you with the same fire Asian Chinese Korean Thai Vietnamese burn O God, O God, O God Single people spit on China, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand Divine God to burn tons How you can be so cruel and shit motherfucker on Your Chinese Korean Thai Vietnamese’re a disgrace to humanity on Earth God damn the every one of you to Oh God Oh God Oh God now the bastards suffer divine retribution If IOh God instead it was filth Barack Obama A bomb in the city of Yulin Shanghai, Beijing and Vietnam and Korea shed The generation of this bastard motherfucker dirt wiped off the face of the earth forever.O God, O God, O God, O God


  12. My dog poop and worm feces of individual people Korea, China and Vietnam is more valuable and more honorable The fire of God to each one of you bastards Chinese Korean Vietnamese and Thai motherfucker burn Divine sighs and groans of the voiceless country, you motherfucker to do with divine retribution Me and my friends anywhere in the world if a Chinese or Korean, Vietnamese or Thai motherfucker he’s a spit on the face of evil Stool stool face the grave every Chinese and every Chinese Korean and Vietnamese and Thai disgrace humanity




  14. Please stop this cruelty ! Chinese people are not all dog meat lovers and they can change their diet and stop torturing dogs !!!


  15. Please STOP THIS CRUELTY. right’s disgusting..horrible…not normal..those Asian are not GOD ..why why the do this it’s make me very angry…boycott that country


  16. We must stop all trade ties with these Asian countries until their governments take a firm stand against this.


  17. I’ve signed – but I won’t share it. The pictures are too horrific, and the people I know don’t need to see it to know how monstrous this is. I would, gladly, if you had a version that didn’t go into torture -porn detail, without images. Do you want it stopped? Or do you want us to go over to Yulin and start shooting humans at random…Cause it’s THAT enraging –


  18. I hope the dogs carry a bacteria that will effect all these bastards who slaughter and eat these beautiful animals.


  19. Simply Horrendous and Barbaric. And let us remember so called Traditional Asian Medicine. They perpetuate the killing of Tigers and Rhino’s for the tusk, bone,fur and blood for use in pseudo medicine. The same people who eat shark fin soup. The fin is cut off and the shark tossed aside to die. Now the killing and eating of dogs. Something must be done.


  20. This is just so BAD and cruel its not even worth thinking off..SICK..those yellow skin zip heads would eat anything and not care about anything.fry them up as there is too many slopey eyes in the world anyway.


  21. Please please please stop this horrific and barbaric torture of these beautiful animals. Dogs are soul mates to many people and deserve to be loved and cared for. These people must be evil to be able to look Into the frightened eyes of these beautiful dogs before killing them in the most horrific way. Shame on them all. They must all meet their maker and pay for their sins .


  22. We as a country, need to punish them economically. That’s the only way they’ll pay attention. If they were interested in animal rights, they wouldn’t do it in the first place!


  23. It took me a while to sign because I couldn’t see the page through tears this is horrendous.. Barbaric beyond words..


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